Huawei Seeds for the Future 2022

Banshaj Paudel (Bhairu)
3 min readOct 22, 2022

It was a fine day while I was going through my news feed on
Facebook when I encountered Huawei’s advertisement about Seeds
for the Future
Program. I went to the link and visited the seeds nepal
application website where I got to learn about this amazing program.
Huawei was giving a golden opportunity to seven selected National
Finalists from Nepal
to participate in their CSR program held in
Thailand. The program seemed interesting so I filled in my application,
which was a 600 word motivation letter, and submitted it. After a few
days, I got a text from Huawei saying I was selected for the interview
round. My happiness went up to the sky and beyond. That night I
prepared for the interview with very little sleep because I didn’t want
this chance to be missed.

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

I went to the interview where Timila ma’am, Shashidhar Sir and
Subarna Sir were my interviewers. They presented me with lots of
technical, social and meaningful questions during the interview and I
answered them all. Me and one of the other finalists were waiting
eagerly for the results and that fine evening, I got the call from Mr
Supral Raj Joshi, congratulating me for being selected as the National
. My family and I became really happy when we got this news.
I came to Kathmandu a few months ago only with a dream of
achieving and before even a year had passed, I scored this big

Photo by Rock Staar on Unsplash

We participated in various activities here in Nepal like Ncell Data
Center Visit
, Dishhome Meet, UNESCO Discussion and all. Then we
flew off to Thailand where we learned about 5G, Artificial Intelligence,
Cloud Computing and Digital Power. We also presented our idea of
removing counterfeit drugs from the supply chain using modern
technologies like Blockchain and AI. Finally, after working for nights on this project, we won the Tech4Good competition in Thailand and took
off for Singapore to attend Tech4Good Accelerator Camp. We learned
the industrial and business perspective of our project. It was really
helpful and insightful to our idea for working further with and taking it
to the upcoming Tech4Good Global.

I am especially thankful to Huawei and the selection committee for
providing me with this inspiring opportunity and helping me become a
seed for the future. With all our learning and experience in Thailand
and Singapore, I believe I can help and grow my community here in

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