How did I choose cybersecurity as a career and how am I working on it?

Banshaj Paudel (Bhairu)
3 min readMay 15, 2021

In this blog, I have written about my experience of choosing cybersecurity as a career and all the things mentioned below are related to my life, so it might get a little boring but it is totally up to you either reading it to the end or leaving at the point of being bored. Thank You.

I still remember the time when I had just finished high school and I had plenty of time to decide what would I be choosing for my college. I was totally chilled out because I already knew that I would be choosing IT as a major to become a software developer, but little did I know that my path would take a turn into something that I had never imagined off to do, and that was becoming an “Ethical Hacker”.

I was just going through some stuff on the internet when I encountered a word, i.e. Cyber-Security. Yup, and that’s how I began to google about it and concluded that I am going to be an “Ethical Hacker” in the future.

Now after I planned to be a hacker, I started looking for colleges in Nepal that teach ethical hacking, because I didn’t know at the time that everything is not taught in the educational institutes, we have to learn stuff on our own, but still, I encountered a college, which was quite famous in Nepal for cybersecurity, but the fees there was 3times higher than the college I am studying right now, and I am pretty sure many of you might have already guessed the college.

So then I again went to google and began searching “How to become an ethical hacker” and the results completely blew my mind off the hook. I was amazed that one career could have so many paths to explore. I was then introduced to different other paths like Bug Hunting, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Analysis, and Penetration Testing(VAPT), and many others to be mentioned enough. I was really confused about what path to take!

Now by that time, I thought that there is no one else that I can talk to about this field because I imagined being alone, but also I didn’t know that there is a great community for noobies like me called the Pentester-Nepal. It is a community of hackers from all over Nepal and Nepali hackers from abroad, who share ideas in it to help each other.

I got some help from it and then learned what path I shall choose. I decided to begin with bug bounty and web bug hunting. I am currently learning Javascript, HTML & CSS for it and I have planned to learn more about web technologies and hunt web-related bugs for some experience on this path but I haven’t yet decided to stay on this forever, I’ll eventually move on and upgrade to another path but as of now, it is what it is.

If you made it to the end, please leave a follow, I’d like to connect with you and also I’ll be updating more blogs on what I learn throughout my career path here. Take care for now and do not come out of your houses, it’s scary outside. Have a Good Time!



Banshaj Paudel (Bhairu)

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